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MIT Sloan School of Management Course
15.671  U-Lab: Transforming Self, Business and Society 
C. Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management 

The interactive and experiential class focuses on how leaders lead innovations that promote both social responsibility and business success. The workshop is organized around four main parts: 

  1. Foundation building: Class presentations and lectures on the foundations of global responsibility. 
  2. Observation: During the observation phase, students spend a full day inside the Boston studio of the design company IDEO and visit some of the most interesting proven innovators in sustainability and CSR such as Ben & Jerry’s, KLD, MBDC, Plug Power, PwC, or Schlumberger. 
  3. Sense-making: After returning form their company visits, students describe to one another what they saw and learned. Reflecting on their experiences, each student identifies a change project that she or he commits to implement over the remaining weeks of the class. 
  4. Creating: In the final part of the Lab, students conceive and implement innovation projects that serve the needs of a local community. Each team presents its practical accomplishments on the final day of the Lab.


Contact: Otto Scharmer, E62-419, Phone (+1) 617-253-0486, 

MIT Leadership Dialogue on Innovating CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) 

Where: MIT Sloan School of Management, E62-233, 100 Main Street, Cambridge MA  02139
Faculty: C. Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management 

In the foreseeable future, how will companies balance their shareholders’ interests and core missions for profitability with requirements for ethical standards, accountability, and sustainable operations? And once a firm decides upon a course of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), what frameworks, strategy, and tactics will its leaders employ? The Leadership Dialogue in Innovations CSR is a quest to answer these questions by bringing to MIT Sloan some of the most exceptional and proven CSR innovators and leaders across multiple sectors and industries. Students will engage with speakers and presenters through panel discussions, as well as via small and large group dialogue. 

Contact: Otto Scharmer, E62-419, Phone (+1) 617-253-0486, 
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