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Dialogue Interviews

In February 1999, Michael Jung, Peter Senge, and I met in Lech, a little town in Austria. We felt that the field of leadership and management was approaching an inflection point, and that a deeper and more comprehensive approach to leading change in larger systems was about to emerge. We wondered how we could help these new ways of thinking, leading, and working together to advance. What would it take?

We realized that it would take, among other things, a place where thought leaders and practitioners could engage in ongoing conversation about and inquiry into the deeper foundations of leadership and change in an increasingly confusing and volatile world. We decided to ask Ikujiro Nonaka to join our core group in planning this initiative. When I met him two weeks later in Tokyo, he immediately agreed to do anything he could to help it succeed.

I then set out to interview twenty-five of today's leading thinkers on knowledge and leadership, inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics. The results of these interviews were stimulating beyond my highest imagination and are the central feature of this website:

- C. Otto Scharmer