Alternative Bank Schweiz Summit on Climate & Finance
Otto Scharmer Keynote; February 26, 2020; Bern, Switzerland


Thomas Hubl in conversation with Otto Scharmer
Solvable Transformation & Collective Trauma - March 2019


Leading from the Emerging Future.


Ego to Eco - Building a New Economy for Western Australia
Podcast Interview with Dr. Otto Scharmer


Essentials of Theory U Webinar with Otto Scharmer - March 2018


U.Lab Intro 2 Video (7 Min)


From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies: Otto Scharmer


WEF Annual Meeting Tianjin

Shaping the Future, Otto Scharmer closing session



ELIAS (Emerging Leaders Innovate Across Sectors): 

A global innovation and learning community